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I’ve read articles lately on how leaders should approach their business decisions.  Most were all business focused, business driven and business implemented.  My suggested three-step approach is different:

  1. “Think from the outside in, act from the inside out.”™ What does that mean?  It means as you try to make the best decisions, or act in the best interest of the business and those an outcome will affect,  “Think from the outside in.”  Bring in from outside of yourself all the facts,  subject matter experts’ input and any information that may impact a potential outcome.
  2. “Act from the inside out.”  Now that you’ve looked at all the info above analytically, and made decisions that are in the best interest of the business and its future, think proactively about how each decision may affect the people it’s most likely to impact. From an execution standpoint, focus on the best way to carry out those decisions in a way that will respect and support those it will touch. If you implement with that mindset, you’ll know you’ve done all you can to be conscious of and act in both the best interest of the business needs, as well as the best interest of the employees.
  3. The right decisions aren’t always easy decisions. Be available for conversation.  Be honest yet mindful of the impact your message and its outcomes may have.