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Meet Barb Teicher, CSP

I’ve tried to put a few pictures here that will give a little INSIGHT into who Barb is. The best way to get to know me, is to have a conversation! I’d like that.


There’s no way you get to know me without getting to know my true heart. That’s why I’ve included this picture of what makes my heart beat each day: My sweet husband of 25 years, Adam, and our wonderful daughter, Hannah. This picture was taken at the launch party for my book, “It’s HOW You Say It”®. It was a perfect evening with people I love and care about so much.

barb teicher family


Meet Aspen. She is our 75 lb Lab mix we rescued from the shelter almost eight years ago. She’s definitely an important part of the family. She is our Kansas tornado and has two speeds: sleep and chaos!



This is a picture from our back deck in the rain. If you want to know me, you know when I’m not doing the work I love, or spending treasured time with my family, I love the comfort and peace I feel at our home. It also shows my great love for being out in nature. The picture at the top of this page was taken with my best friend from high school in Mansfield, Texas during Bluebonnet season. Beautiful.


This picture was taken outside my church. I am very active there and my faith is a big part of who I am. You may not see it obviously on the outside but I hope you see it shining from the inside.