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PropelHer® – Motivating, educating and inspiring, Barb brings perspective to the importance of having women in leadership positions. She shares insight into why women’s careers may be stalling and delivers a critical three-step approach that can result in not only propelling careers, but also greater emotional intelligence, more productive teams, a unified, supportive corporate culture and truly engaged team members.

From Tears to Triumph™ – My true story about a bicycling adventure in the south of France that started in tragedy, ended in triumph and the profound lessons it taught in leadership, diversity and the extreme strength of the human spirit. Learn how the most devastating of situations can bring about the most impactful lessons. Experience inspiration, hope, resilience, gratitude and a change in mindset.

It’s HOW You Say It® – Communication can build relationships or sabbotage them, create partnerships or tear them apart. Words are powerful tools. That’s only a piece of the puzzle. What is it you do that may be totally alienating team members and clients alike? Have you been passed over for an opportunity? Find the subtle reasons relationships genuinely falter.

2,000 saw Barb Teicher PropelHer® at TEDxKC #Women. Watch now.

Barb Teicher presents for TEDx in Lille, France, “Stop Being Yourself at Work.” Watch Now.


Barb has delivered hundreds of workshops for hundreds of corporations with excellent results and reviews. Workshops focus on key challenges facing these companies or the teams within them. Workshops are fully customizable and interactive.

Here are some of the topics addressed. Workshops can also be customized to focus on a single priority, like Presentation Skills.

Does your company face any of these challenges?

• Disengaged teams
• Lack of motivation
• Corporate change
• Dysfunction
• Lack of trust
• Poor communication
• Conflict “with” management
• Missed commitments or deadlines


Leadership teams, management teams, high potentials, or a blend of these.

These retreats provide a way to reward or simply disengage from the day-to-day priorities battling for time. They allow the ability to focus on critical business goals or strategies not possible to accomplish during the workday. Creativity is enhanced and new perspectives supported. Exhale. Retreats can be local or destination and are fully customized and results oriented.


Five day customized program with a strategic focus on women’s leadership skills, bringing them through the three critical pillars to propel their own careers, while impacting their companies’ success. This program helps discover and reinforce foundational skillsets necessary for upper mobility in leadership and discern the nuances that can, and often do, adversely hinder career advancement.