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Just a few of the places Barbara has been seen and quoted:

Keynote Speaker

Barb Teicher Podcast Interview

It's HOW You Say It: Effective Business Communication Skills Paperback. . . This book and its step-by-step lessons should never be far from reach.
Kent Babb – The Washington Post

“It’s HOW You Say It”®
Words are powerful tools. Do you wonder why, at times, a client or stakeholder may take what you’ve said the wrong way, or they disengage… and you have no idea why? Do you feel like you’ve explained something multiple times yet it seems to have no impact? Did you think you had a common vision and strategy confirmed as you were convening leaders just to find out you’re miles apart? What happened? “It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s HOW You Say It.®

Recognize how you are sabotaging your efforts and reputation and how to create stronger, more cohesive partnerships, relationships and keep team members truly connected and engaged.   Read More…

Communications Expert Interview

One of the most listened to talk radio stations, Kansas City’s KMBZ searched for a communications expert and selected Barbara for their interview and broadcast.

Communications Expert Interview

Barbara has been interviewed many times in the US and Canada as a communications expert, as she was by CJOB Winnepeg, Manitoba, radio 680 AM.

Business Innovators Magazine – The Most Innovative Leaders in Business.

Listen to Barbara’s interview on Business Innovators Magazine – The Most Innovative Leaders in Business.

The Kansas City Star

According to Diane Stafford of The Star, “She (Barbara Teicher, CSP) uses the acronym V.A.S.T. as a communication guide. You have better odds with your listeners if you make them feel Valued, Accepted, Secure and Trusted…”