Barbara is the creator of PropelHer® and the PropelHer® system.

PropelHer® has a focus on women in business and takes them through a deep and systematic three-step approach accelerating women to be influential leaders with greater impact. It’s time to PropelHer®.

The PropelHer™ System for Women in Leadership

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It's How You Say It

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Barb Teicher, CSP Podcast Interviews

Barb Teicher Podcast Interview

Click to Listen on Apple Podcasts, as legendary KC Royals baseball announcer, Joel Goldberg, interviews Barb Teicher, CSP on Leadership and overcoming adversity the PropelHer® way.

How Women Speak Differently in the Workplace with Barbara Teicher

Click to listen to Barb Teicher, CSP, being interviewd by Danielle Cobo on “How Women Speak Differently in the Workplace.” With twenty-five years’ experience developing leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Barbara has a focus on women and helps accelerate women to be influential leaders with greater impact.

“Surviving the Chaos” on The VIP Exchange with Steven Iwersen

Click to hear Barb Teicher, CSP, as she is interviewed on “Surviving the Chaos” on The VIP Exchange with Steven Iwersen. Discover the profound lessons learned in Leadership, Diversity, Resilience and the extreme strength of the human spirit from her tragic bicycle accident in France, 2019.

Global Speaker

As a global speaker, Barb captivates every audience. Her clients call her dynamic, an authentic storyteller with a mesmerizing style. “I had the pleasure of working with Barbara…in Ottawa, Canada… She’s a dynamic speaker who got everyone in the room engaged…Given the high scores her session received, I can say that I wasn’t the only one who got something out of it! …I was also impressed with the professionalism and grace she showed everyone on our team!” — Trina Poots, Manager at GOC Information and Technology


After 25 years working with Fortune 100 companies, associations and executives, Barb accelerates women to be influential leaders with greater impact. Barb specializes in strategic leadership development and effective business communication. She has worked with officers of the most recognized brands in the world.

PropelHer® Creator

Barb is the creator of The PropelHer® System. This system has a focus on women in business and brings them through a critical three-step approach that can result not only in career advancement, but can also include more productive teams, supportive, inclusive corporate cultures, and truly engaged team members.

Leadership Strategist

As a consultant, Barb helps guide companies and corporations to execute strategies to achieve their business objectives while exploring new, forward thinking visions and opportunities for growth. She supports her clients and their organizations with a focus on the talent within the company to implement strategies for employee retention, satisfaction and engagement. She addresses the sometimes difficult breakdown in communication and relationships that impact the health of corporate culture. She then partners with the organization to determine need, desired outcomes and execution for positive impact.


As author of the book, “It’s HOW You Say It® – Effective Business Communication Skills”, Barb has had wonderful reviews. These come not only from the media – “This book and its step-by-step lessons should never be far from reach” – Kent Babb, The Washington Post – they’ve come from corporate America as well, “Teicher deftly weaves humor and observation into actionable take-aways. I find myself using these (skills and concepts) more than I ever thought I would” – Dr. Ruth Krywicki, MillerCoors™

Coach and Consultant

As an adjunct professor with Rockhurst University’s award-winning Helzberg School of Management, one of the top 20 MBA programs in the country, Barb coaches MBA candidates with a dedicated focus on their business and career goals. She supports these, as well as private and corporate clients. Whether you are trying to climb the corporate ladder and don’t feel as if you are being valued or noticed, you aren’t sure what career path to take or you are at a point of change in your career life and aren’t sure which way to go (or how!), Career Coaching and Corporate Consulting are two of the strong leadership paths utilized to PropelHer®

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About the Company

I created my company after years of experience working within the walls of Fortune 100 companies in corporate America. Using my own research, as well as findings from national research studies, I work to educate and promote women in management through strategic leadership development. I enable corporations and associations to recognize the wealth of talented women with high potential already hard at work within their organizations. It’s time to PropelHer®.

Barbara Teicher, CSP


Are you a woman who has worked hard but feel your career isn’t moving as quickly as you’d like, your voice isn’t being heard or you’d like a stronger, more promising roadmap? Find out why and what to do to make that difference.


Barbara helps women in business focus on three pivotal priorities that can propel both their careers and the bottom line, leading to: Emotional intelligence, more profitable and engaged teams, supportive corporate cultures and influence with impact.


There’s no better time to be a woman in business. Companies are waking up to the fact there are strong disparities in numbers between men and women in the ranks of upper leadership. Find out how to impact your career for takeoff.