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Certified Speaking Professional

“I took your advice to heart and scheduled a meeting with the team member I was having communication issues with. I started the meeting by repeating what I had said in the previous meeting in a more positive way and clarifying that I was very happy with her performance and that I see potential in her for more. We spent the rest of the time chatting about her position, her passions, and her hopes. Not only was she happier after this meeting but her work improved greatly.

It has been six or seven weeks since that meeting. We have a weekly one on one conversation scheduled and I drop in daily by her cubicle to have a light conversation. *I have offered a one on one meeting to my other team members as well. Her performance has improved to the point that I was able to give her the title she has been hoping for and a 15% raise. It is truly my hope to be able to do this across my team.

I am grateful we had our conversation when we did and that you were able to share some great advice.”
(Person in Leadership)

“Working with Barbara Teicher and getting to know her has been an empowering experience. She is motivating and passionate! She is flexible and thoughtful while keeping her eye on the larger goal. She has a stage presence that surprises you, grabs you and thoroughly engages you. She is a natural coach, she is inspiring and she has a message that needs to be heard. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Barb in the future.”
Dorlisa Marshall, MSID, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Senior Principal Human Resources Consultant
Discover Financial Services

“All I can say is WOW! Barb is fun, practical, down to earth and brings such a truth regarding leadership and relating to others in your life both personally and professionally. When I am in a situation that involves something to be discussed or approached, I think, “what would Barb say”? She has helped us so much and she has become a trusted member of our team and her principles are a foundation and guide for my leadership team.”
Amy Winburn
Executive Director, Compassus Hospice and Palliative Care

“Teicher deftly weaves humor and observation into actionable take-aways for recognizing and dealing with a variety of personalities. I find myself using these concepts more than I ever thought I would at work and in social settings.”
Dr. Ruth Krywicki

“Barbara Teicher has presented at all three regional conference events. At our Missouri conference this summer, she was the second rated speaker out of over 40 presenters. Her programs are very well attended. Attendee evaluations say “they love her style” and “they are able to leave and implement her suggestions right away.”
Lori (Maher) McCombs
Executive Director for the states of Missouri and Illinois

“I have had the privilege of having Barbara Teicher be my career coach through the MBA program. As a coach, Barbara has helped me set and achieve professional goals, and has challenged me to dream bigger. Barbara was instrumental in helping me get the job that I wanted out of college by introducing me to key business professionals, helping me refine my communication skills, and encouraging me to define my career goals. Barbara is also a talented, engaging public speaker and communications expert. I am blessed to have Barbara as a mentor and a friend.”
Natalie Berigan
Associate Account Manager at Lockton Companies

“I use Barbara’s book in my graduate communication’s class. It says as much as any textbook does! Barb is engaging, entertaining, and role models a high level of emotional intelligence. I feel blessed that she is willing to share herself with my Rockhurst University graduate students.”
Anna Carol “Acey” Lampe ABC, MS, MBA, PHD
Executive Professor of Management Director-Undergraduate
Business Program Helzberg School of Management
Rockhurst University

“Barb Teicher is a dynamic and energetic business communication expert and speaker. Her many programs, including her “It’s How You Say It®” keynote are full of real life personal and business examples that make her content engaging, memorable, and applicable to anyone who is a communicator in business or at home. When booking your next speaker, Barb should be at the top of your list.”
Katie Lord
Vice President, Jeffrey Byrne + Associates, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Barbara[…]in Ottawa, Canada[…]She’s a dynamic speaker who got everyone in the room engaged[…]Given the high scores her session received, I can say that I wasn’t the only one who got something out of it![…]I was also impressed with the professionalism and grace she showed everyone on our team!”
Trina Poots
Manager at GOC Information and Technology