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n Leadership, and effective communication in general, it’s not just what you say, It’s HOW You Say It® Politicians have known this for years. So why did both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton fall so far short? For the first time I can remember, people are complaining loudly about both political party’s candidates. Why? A politician is “supposed to be” of the people, by the people and for the people… all the people. They should aim to instill a sense of confidence, fairness and project a sense of honesty and trust. We should feel they represent our interests, and the best interests of the country itself, not their own personal agendas. In my opinion, that’s not how either came across. Here’s an example of what I mean from Donald Trump:” … I’m sure I’m gonna get along great with him and if I don’t, he’s gonna have to pay a big price, okay?” No, NOT okay.

Hmm.. sounds like this is of The Donald, by The Donald, and for… Donald. Why should people “pay a price” for not getting along with you? If you hold the highest office in the free world, shouldn’t YOU be the one to try and be flexible? How do you make the country feel safe in your hands when it sounds as though folks are threatened if they don’t immediately conform to your rigid rules and personal agenda? Aren’t you supposed to represent what they want, not what you want?

In my program on communication and leadership, one of the ways to build teams is to ask and suggest instead of demand (and retaliate!). Mr. Trump has been quoted as being rude and demeaning to other people and candidates. Is this a role model for our children? Is that behavior how we want the world to perceive the American people and American leaders as a whole?! Is this an agenda for us… or him?

In the Hillary camp, the same could be said for different reasons. A potential candidate for president should be above reproach. Yet she is being investigated by the FBI. There is a chance she may be may be under federal indictment! Should that be legal, to allow someone to run for president of the United States if they are under federal indictment? Stay tuned. Besides that, there’s her speech, too. She did appeal to the common worker and tried to tug at the heartstrings. She talked about Flint and all the volunteers, the United Auto Workers and General Motors. I found it interesting she would specifically name that GM and yet no others??? What did that, supposedly, off-handed comment/advertisement equate to in dollars for that company and why would she mention it by name? Why didn’t she mention Ford, who didn’t take a buyout at all? Innocent? Hardly.

I did some snooping. According to a Washington Free Beacon analysis, “The Clinton Foundation failed to disclose a contribution valued at $$685,000.00 from the General Motors Foundation made one year before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited and praised one of its most controversial operations. Spoken or not… “It’s HOW You Say It”® I believe the negative challenges with both these candidates are speaking loudly… listen up, America, it’s your future at stake.

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