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If you follow me,  you’ve noticed I haven’t blogged for months and months.  Why?  In June of last year, I had an extremely serious bicycle accident in the south of France. It happened on the first day of what was to be a fabulous bicycling, touring vacation. I spent almost two weeks in a Frech hospital and months and months recovering at home.  Four surgeries to date, no speaking back then, no working,  limited movement and no ability to use my hands to type or write.  I am blessed to be alive.  The good news is…She’s baaaaack.

The reason for the topic of this blog is both from what happened then, and also what is happening now with the Covid 19 virus. When I found myself in the hospital there, unable to move or understand what was happening, all I could do was focus on how things weren’t the same there. I  saw those differences, initially, as bad!  The rooms weren’t private, the halls weren’t white and shiny and the hallways were dimly lit.  Because it was different, it was “bad.”  What I’ve realized is, it’s all perspective.  Through this ordeal, it’s taught me profound lessons in leadership, diversity and the strength of the human spirit;  Much as we are experiencing in the world right now in March of 2020.

You see, the lack of a private room there introduced me to some wonderful people.  Through the excellent and caring staff, I’ve learned a small amount of French and I realized that the priority of being there wasn’t so they would bring me shampoos and let me order from a menu (although I had to be fed and only liquids at the time!).  The priority was the care I was given.  That priority was realized and accomplished wonderfully.

Today, many of us are bombarded with trying to work from home,  kids underfoot, spouses around way too much and furry friends adding to the chaos.  In reality, look from a different perspective.  You are safe in your home, you have food, you are surrounded by the people (most of the time!) you care about.  How many times have you said, “If I had the time I would…” fill in the blank:  Clean the basement, garage, closets or something else in dire need of it.  You may have said you’d spend more time with the kids and your family?  Take advantage of that.

I spoke to a woman yesterday who was upset because she needed to now work from home and her kids were there.  She was cloistered in her office and they were dying of boredom.  It’s OK to take a call from your patio!  It’s okay to leave your makeshift office at home and have lunch with the kids, have a picnic on the living room floor or go outside on a blanket if weather permits.

Life is perspective.  Don’t look at the glass as half empty or half full… Just Fill Up The Glass!™

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