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BE the Difference Have you ever felt like every time you attend a workshop it’s because you need to be “fixed?” If so, you’re going to the wrong workshops. Instead of telling you what needs to be fixed, I’m telling you that you already have what it takes inside you. All you need to do is refine it a little, and recognize it to use it more effectively. How many times have we been told we “can’t” do something? As my daughter once said, “What if Helen Keller would’ve believed it when someone told her that she was just another disabled person and she couldn’t do the things “normal” people do? What if Martin Luther King, Jr. thought one person couldn’t make a difference. Or Einstein! One person can change the world. How? When you went to school, didn’t you feel you could make a difference in engineering, or teaching, or whatever area it was you were passionate about? ALL of us have traits that would allow us to help


  1. Donna DeGarmo
    (February 6, 201812:44 pm)

    Barb, Congrats on the new initiative. I just read a recently released book by Dr. Donald Booz, “The Emotional Intelligence Primer – Be the Difference that Makes a Difference”, that you might also like. It fits well with your “Be the Difference” blog. Happy New Year

    1. BTetc
      (February 6, 20181:39 pm)

      Thanks, Donna, I’m loving the impact. I hope you are well!

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