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As a woman in business, a woman in leadership, or any leader, do you have “POP?”  What is that?  The Power Of your Presence. There are people who walk into a room and just command attention;  you almost have to look at them.  They just seem to have “it.”  What is “it?”

There is a combination of things that work together to give you the power of unspoken influence as you enter a room.  These are the things that can work in your favor to help PropelHer™ influence.  Let’s take a look at the short list (clothing, etc., is a different conversation!):

5) Eye Contact

4) The way you walk

3) The expression on your face

2) Your posture

1) Confidence!


5) While you don’t have to look at every person in the room as you enter,  you should have your eyes up and engage the room as opposed to being on your phone, checking your notes or looking down at the floor.

4) The point here is to be mindful of how you walk.  Do you shuffle?  Do you appear as though you’re coming from a fire? Do you bounce?  Be mindful to try and walk with a comfortable gait?

3) If you’re happy and you know it… tell your face!  This doesn’t mean you have to be laughing or even smiling.  It means that your face isn’t telling the world how much you don’t want to be there. It’s also not broadcasting how many other things you think are more important than this meeting, or this presentation you “have” to give. Be mindful you’re not creating that crease between your brows and your mouth doesn’t look like you’ve just had something you don’t like.

2) One of the most important things to be aware of, and practice changing if need be, is your posture.  Stand up next to a wall.  Make sure your hips and upper back touch the wall.  Walk away and try to keep that without looking like you’re stiff as a board! Practice so it looks “polished” but natural.

1) People who are confident are well on their way to having POP. Do not confuse confidence with arrogance… two different things.  Confidence comes from knowing you have subject matter expertise in the subject (if you are speaking) in the agenda content, etc. (if it’s a meeting) or in the project you’re a part of. If you are confident, it will affect all four of the items above this. While this is a short description, it’s a start.

Accelerating women to be influential leaders with greater impact.”  It’s time to PropelHer™

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