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Never underestimate the power influence has within your company.  If you’re thinking you don’t have a strong influence, that may be an issue!  There are three critical areas of emphasis for women to propel their careers.  Female leaders must be strong in the key areas of Insight, Influence, and Impact. Even if your definition of accelerating is to stay in place,  influence in your current position  is needed for your voice t be truly heard.  How can you strengthen your influence?  BE the difference.  Be knowledgeable.  Know your industry, your competitors, be well-read, organized and, above all, have the insight to know relationships are key. Do you hold the influence to build them, not only in the workplace but in life in general? Strong relationships have also been linked to longer life, so it’s good for everyone!

How do people react to you?  Do they lean in, run away, or seem to look through you? A key to influencing is communication;  the question isn’t only are you talking, rather, are you connecting?  Look back at your basics, an area everyone thinks they’ve nailed and many people fail at.  How is your grammar?  I’m shocked when I listen to sports commentators on TV;  their grammar is terrible.  We’re teaching kids this is acceptable.  I went to a grocery store recently.  In their produce section, there was a sign, created by their corporate office, that read, “Produce, local grown.”  If you don’t see anything wrong with this, that is exactly the thing I’m talking about.  Take an online grammar test, check out the correct way to make introductions to all different levels of company employees.  How is your etiquette?  These details make a difference.  Leaders may not correct you if you aren’t correct, however, they notice and mental notes are taken. What separates “everyone” from “that person” is the details. How is your POP™?  POP™ is the Power of your Presence™.  Does your presence have power?  If not, why not?

Women in leadership need to have an edge.  Influence is a strong differentiator.



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