It’s not WHO you are, it’s who you ARE that counts

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Make a V.A.S.T. Difference – It’s HOW You Say It ℠ V. Valued A. Appreciated and Accepted S. Secure T. The way you communicate with someone and the way you’ve treated them has formed the history that they take with them into future interactions with you. What’s happened in the past will impact how they perceive you in the present and future. Has HOW you’ve communicated with someone built the relationship so they feel secure with you? Have you avoided the reasons that make people feel disconnected from you (see previous blogs on this site)? Have you used a supportive tone of voice? Have you been yourself with them so they don’t feel you’re putting on airs or being insincere? Have you shown them respect? Security will come from all these areas. I saw a commercial recently on TV. A man was saying that he had come across a homeless person. Wanting to help the man he asked him what he could do

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