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Make a V.A.S.T. Difference in Your Relationships V. – Valued A. – Accepted and Appreciated S. – Secure T. – Trusted In the previous weeks, I’ve described how to make a “V.A.S.T.” diffence in your business relationships. It’s by not only effective business communication itself but also the four approaches mentioned in these blogs. Today, let’s take a look at the last one – TRUSTED. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, business or personal, they will never feel valued. Have you shown that you won’t try to blindside or undermine them? Do you trust them? Can they tell by the ways you communicate whether you do or not? If they tell you something in confidence, whether you agree with them or not, as long as it isn’t something that may give insight to a dangerous situation, do you keep that confidence to yourself? Have you demonstrated integrity? Integrity builds trust. Do you lead by example and make sure they know

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