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What is the difference between leadership and leadership in women?  The difference is, in women, the numbers of them are drastically lower.  Why?

For “men y” years the norm was  the upper ranks of leadership belonged to men. The assumption was they possessed the skillsets to be more successful. When women began to enter the workforce the expectation was for them to function in a man’s world they should try to emulate their counterparts.  It was almost an unspoken rule that women dress in dark, conservative colors, wear pants suits and speak when spoken to.  They were often thrown into no-win situations. If a woman was outspoken or assertive, she was labeled something I won’t write here!  If she was the opposite it was said she lacked backbone and the echos of “she’s a woman” wafted through the halls of corporate America.

Thankfully, there is no better time than now to be, or aspiring to be, a female within the upper ranks of organizations. Corporations are finally waking up to the fact not only are there strong disparities in numbers between men and women at these higher levels of business leadership, also that women add much needed, strong and valuable skillsets at all levels, especially, the executive levels.

According to Pew research as conveyed at the United Nations in June, 2017, women were found to rank higher than men as being more: honest, intelligent, hard-working, compassionate, outgoing,  creative and equally as ambitious.  Yet the disparity in numbers at the C suite in Fortune 500 companies is staggering.  In these companies, only 5.4% of this group are women and only 16% compile the entire C Suite in these organizations.

What’s missing? Successful female leaders need to have insight and influence to make the impacts necessary to gain recognition for their talents and be propelled into upper levels of corporate and executive leadership positions.  Learn How.

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